Basement Jaxx, Remedy

Remedy Basement Jaxx


The cover of this volcanic 1999 release shows a glorious intertwining of naked bodies, looking at first glance like desert hills.  The fantastically sensual image takes on a nearly rhythmic quality that the rhythms fantastically reciprocate, leading to easily the finest release of the D.J. era.  From one end to the other, the album moves like endless foreplay, as if to capture the tête-à-tête of eventual sexual conquest, and just as you feel the beats have reached their absolute limit, they scream for more.  Songs on the way – especially “Yo Yo,” “Same Old Show,” and “Always Be There” – are fantastic, but they can’t compare to the full product which fuses each song together like that line of bodies on the cover.  The Jaxx had an international dance smash with the shake-tastic “Red Alert,” and that song turns its hook of “and the music keeps on playing on and on” into a giddy promise, using the words and beats around it to let you sense the release of that feeling – of music playing on and on.  The Basement Jaxx have released four records since Remedy, and the same sense of giddiness shows up on each, but never with the success seen here – with its sense of excitement grinding from one end to the other.


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