“#1 Crush” Garbage

How often do you buy a soundtrack album for one great song and think that that soundtrack doesn’t deserve it?  I’d guess, for most Hollywood movies, probably pretty often.  To that, I would offer the example of “#1 Crush,” a song so fiercely brilliant, I’d say it not only is undeserved by its soundtrack to the Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, it’s undeserved by the movie.  The song is desire, and I say that not in a lovey, romantic sense, I say it in a visceral, consuming sense.  It opens with a montage of sexual moans and segues into a hip-hop beat subverted by a bass-line so overwhelming, it threatens to take over the song.  That’s a bit of a metaphor for this type of desire anyway – the darker emotions underneath ready to topple the whole body over.  And Shirley Manson’s vocals may never have been more evocative, purging a type of emotional obsession that, were it harnessed correctly, would make one hell of a movie.  When she wails, “I will never be ignored” at the end of her chorus, it’s frightening all right, because we identify with it more than we’re scared by it.


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