“Bridge Over Troubled Water” Aretha Franklin

Occasionally, there’s a remake of a song that goes beyond “doing justice” to the original and becomes a blazing act of fulfillment – Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along The Watchtower” or Franklin’s own “Respect,” songs known far more than their originals with good reason.  Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is beloved – justly enough – but it’s about half as powerful to me when they sing it as it is when Aretha sings it.  Gliding on 2 minutes of organ and “Don’t trouble the water” gospel humming, the song doesn’t seem to begin for a while, instead coasts you on an air of goodwill and devotion.  Then Aretha sings.  The song needed no help portraying filial affection, but Aretha’s voice takes out anything but the warmth the song builds.  I remember a day I played the song in a friend’s car, only to have him snicker a bit, turn up the volume and start shaking his head.  “Yeah,” he said, with understatement.  “This is a pretty good song.”  His reaction doesn’t surprise me – this is a song that reminds of warmth and love, of friendship powerful enough to make you smile.


One Response to ““Bridge Over Troubled Water” Aretha Franklin”

  1. Aretha Franklin Says:

    That’s awesome, Aretha recorded a Christmas album because “she’s sick of dancing to other people’s songs”. I can’t wait to hear carols with her voice. Aretha rocks!

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