“I See Red” X

It’s such a rocking production of a punk song, so furious in its resolve, that it may be easy to ignore that it’s actually a powerful “showdown” of a collapsing relationship.  With words spit out at the fury of a scorned love bitchfest, there’s a flurry of accusations, of progressions to accusations, climaxing slowly into a scream of “I See Red!!!” echoed by both singers, John Doe and Exene Cervenka.  Together, they make those three words ring with scorn both invasive and cheerily two-sided.  And then that production – attack, attack, two-step – makes you feel like you’re following that progression into deep suspicion that’s fueling the inevitable flurry of breaking glass and flying pots and pans that close the song.  Lover’s at each other’s throats probably always have an air of villainy with them, but these two draw blood.


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