“If I” Jennifer Trynin

“If I” Jennifer Trynin

Read the lyrics and hear the music and you’ll get two different feelings – the lyrics area ll vulnerability and wan sadness, while the music is rockin’ bitch defiance.  That bridge isn’t at all ludicrous in the context of a song, or even an entire album, that attempts to reclaim confusion over love and life as subversive confidence.  “Am I just too blind to see, people, for what they are, you you you especially,” she asks – it’s not a line that seems that far removed from any high schooler’s journal about a first love, but set to a guitar defined by deep grinds, it sounds like a discovery of the nature of revealing yourself to a new love.  Trynin herself dismissed the song a few years ago in her autobiography, Everything I’m Cracked Up To Be, saying of the line “’If you/ come through,’ – come through where??”  She shouldn’t be so dismissive of her skills – the line, much like the song, succeeds at making shapes out of the formlessness of infatuation.


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