“Tonight, Not Again” Jason Mraz

We don’t choose the songs we turn to.  They’re friends to us in the same way cousins are our friends – we don’t have a choice.  Like fate, they’ll show up when we need them to.  “Tonight, Not Again” is a song I can trust.  The speedy words that spit out a slew of desire and recrimination before collapsing on “and I’m all alone tonight, not again, not again, not again.”  Not one “not again,” but three.  It’s Jason Mraz the human being backed against a corner, “awkward as a wound on my bones,” and although a million musicians have attempted the same effect, this is the one that made it for me.  And I can only feel a little uneasy that it isn’t a great artist that did it for me – Mraz sings with such a vivid conviction, that refrain seems absolutely new.  I’m curious about the song’s story – Mraz, apparently, adapted it from a friend’s poem – but that’s secondary to the unexpected connection to lyrics and voice here; despite Mraz being someone I don’t take particularly seriously, this song has never let me down.


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